Mastery of relationships

Mastery of Relationships (MR)

To attend our advanced programs, you must first complete our weekend workshop, Return To The Heart.

This in-depth Saturday workshop is about gaining mastery in the area of relationships. First, you learn how to end conflict and restore love in any relationship. Then you learn how to communicate, remove distance, and keep love alive. You will learn how to be free of resentment, blaming, withdrawing, hanging on, and other destructive behavior. Then you learn how to resolve disputes and empower each other. This program covers all the nuts and bolts of a great relationship.

Great relationships don’t just happen. They are something you create.

How you interact with another person determines how that person will respond to you. When you change how you relate to the other person, you change what happens in your relationship. It is possible for all your relationships to be loving and supportive. This powerful, Saturday workshop shows how. First, you learn how to end conflict, heal hurt and restore love in any relationship. Then you learn how to keep love from fading away. You will learn how to forgive, communicate, remove distance, and resolve disputes. Then you learn how to create an environment where people feel empowered and want to be with you. This workshop is about developing the awareness and the skills you need to gain mastery in the area of relationships. The tools you receive will support you in all of your life.

You will learn, step-by- step, how to:

  • Create and maintain love
  • Heal difficult relationships
  • Remove distance and restore love
  • Be free of withdrawing, hanging on and other destructive behavior
  • Communicate effectively
  • Remove guilt and resentment
  • Resolve disputes without arguing
  • Empower each other
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It’s simple, we base it on results. For over 20 years the MR has dramatically and consistently delivered life-changing results, such as newfound enthusiasm and energy for life, and massive increases in personal fulfillment and happiness, to over 30,000 participants worldwide.


We’re so confident that you’ll have an amazing experience that we offer you a money back guarantee for this seminar if for any reason you’re not thrilled with this life changing experience we’ll refund your money minus a small processing fee.

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    Jhonson Robert Founder JRC USA


    Robert Jhonson, born into a poor family, father carpenter and mother at home. Hard years have made him what he is today. Robert Jhonson is an internationally renowned author and speaker in the fields of self-development, analysis and business strategy, leadership, lifestyle medicine and spiritual growth. Over the course of more than two decades of his career, he has written more than 20 books, including 6 New York Times bestsellers whose rights have been transferred to an association committed to fighting world hunger. Consultant to many global industries worldwide. His work is based on a rigorous understanding of the context of each institutional client, sector dynamics and macroeconomic context. It studies emerging markets, trends and best practices, in every sector and region, locally and globally.

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