Guided by our values


We strive to build a relationship of trust with every client, for the long-term.

  • We guard client confidences.
  • We don’t publicize our work for our clients.
  • We express the truth as we see it.
  • We will only take on an engagement if we believe we can create value for the client substantially in excess of our professional fees.


Sustainability is achieved when all the operational practices are realized without compromising the quality of life of future generations. We work to optimize the triple bottom line: Planet – People – Profit.

Mutual Learning

We consider ourselves a learning organization. We invest in our team and continuously want to improve how we do business. Our clients learn from us and we learn from our clients.

Beauty and Humanity

We believe that excellence is achieved through the creation of an open environment that promotes integrity, compassion, humility and trust and that respects and celebrates diversity in all forms.

Leadership & Innovation

We believe that there is no progress without growth of self-consciousness and individual responsibility. We encourage creativity, innovation, vision, optimism and intellectual flexibility among all our customers.


We are committed to serve the world

Come possiamo aiutarti?

“When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things. JR Consulting inspire our confidene.”

Susan Simonton
Managing Director, Burlington Corp.

New York

Inspire confidence

Building for the future means making bold moves and tough decisions that will transform your business. It takes guts and confidence, plus belief in oneself and belief in the key players in the organization.

We’re proud to help create organizations Fear – Free built on trust, not fear. Scared people spend a lot more time plotting their survival than working productively, so The Fear-Free Organization has zero tolerance for bullies, vicious gossip, undermining behaviors, hijacking tactics, political jockeying for position or favoritism. Instead, it works on inspiration. Evidence from neuroscience shows that individuals and organizations are more successful when people are encouraged to take risks, to explore new ideas, and to channel their energies in ways that work for them.